I messed up my roommate’s iMac and didn’t know what to do, I lost a lot of his important files. I called CoreMac and Christine called me back a few hours later. She worked hard into the night and came up with a solution that worked at 12:55 am. Now everything is back and up and running fine. She saved my friendship. Thank you Chris!!!

OMG!! I swear I didn’t spill anything on my beloved MacBookPro and Christine took care of me and I was back up and editing my final project in under 48 hours! Chris – you are the absolute BEST!

Christine SAVED me and worked over the holiday weekend to get my iMac back up and running when the Apple Store was talking about a week of down time. Thank you SO much!!
Jen R. – Student

My Macbook would not hold a charge for more than 20 minutes and Christine was able to identify an Apple recall that warrantied the battery even though I wasn’t under AppleCare. I can edit and work for over 90 minutes with no problems with the replacement battery Christine put in at no charge.

Thank you so much for fixing my computer right away. I had wanted to ask you to check for virus and malware but I forgot – And you went ahead and did it anyway. Now I know who to call if I have problems. Sorry I did not get to meet you. The man in the office was nice and took good care of me.
Thanks again for cleaning up my machine. I always worked in ad agencies and there was always an IT person to fix things. Now that I’m retired I’m on my own. I know how to do design work but am not good with the tech. So I really appreciate you. Take care.

Best Regards,
Robert – Satisfied Customer

Chris offers service that’s truly a cut above the rest… her knowledge of Apple products and warranties saved me hundreds of dollars! Plus, my iMac was good-as-new in under a week.
Andrea – freelance graphic designer and animator

Core-Mac to the rescue! Amazingly, Chris turned the job around in one business day. Now the laptop is better than new and I’m back in business. Customer service just doesn’t get much better than this.
Douglas – Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering – University of Rochester

I had the pleasure of working with Christine for a recent data transfer from my old broken down Mac to my new Mac. She responded promptly during every step of the process. All service completed as promised and on time. She also gave me several pointers for possible uses and recovery of salvage value for my old Mac. When it comes to Macs, Christine’s services and advice are worth every penny! Location of her business is also very convenient and accessible with plenty of parking.
Mary O’Reilly

Chris Cormack quite literally saved the day when my computer crashed. As a photographer who works in digital images, my computer is central to my business and completely necessary for me to work efficiently and to meet client’s expectations. I needed a fast solution and Chris came through. Her work and her communication was so thorough and quick, we were up and running again before we ever had a chance to get behind. It was nice knowing that there is someone who takes AppleCare and knows how to work with Macs without going to the Apple store. Now that I have had the pleasure of seeing her work, I won’t go anywhere else!
Tammy Swales Photography

I have no idea what makes a computer work.  I don’t need to know.  Chris knows. 
Mike Ellsworth

Christine is fantastic! Ethical, prompt, easygoing, friendly. I wouldn’t go anywhere else and I wish her great success with CoreMac!
Jansu Clover 

People who have used Macs for many years already know Christine. She has worked as an Apple Certified Technician for over 20 years in the Rochester area. If you have ever had service at Leon’s, The Computer Store, or Learning Technologies Group then odds are she has worked on your machine. Chris is amazing and I’m so glad to see her finally starting up her own gig. She has a sterling reputation. I trust her implicitly and will not let anyone else touch my Macs (I have personally owned over 20 Macs and have repair oversight on over 250 others).
Kevin Kondo

Did well by my iMac G5. Immediately recognized serial number was covered by Apple technical bulletin, and I had my machine back the next day with a new logic board. 
Eric Larsson